"...a brutally sincere, intimate and optimistic album."

   - elgiradiscos.com


"Fantastic American LP, full of melodies that can remind you of the Jayhawks"

   - Mi Tocadiscos Dual


"The music speaks for itself, and it speaks volumes..."

   - americana-uk.com 


"What superb & brilliant collection of classic Americana/Pure Pop stuff. And the opening track 'A Thousand Miles' is one of the best recorded songs I've heard the whole 2019."

   - Joaquin Lopez Diaz: Rock n' Roll Circus, Madrid



As an outlet for singer and songwriter Tim Francis, Stories Of The West delivers a sound that pays homage to the pop, country and alternative bands that have been a part of musical schooling. 

With the first album "Maybe That's Good For You," Francis found an audience appreciative of the same influences that feed his music. Influences that are instantly recognizable but uniquely delivered in songs that go beyond just one genre. He says, "the goal was to make an album of songs that touched different styles but were unified by a consistent voice." 

Singing in acapella groups throughout high school and college, he became a valuable sideman, playing bass and singing background vocals in some of Minneapolis' most well known rock and pop bands. While songwriting was a part of the experience, he kept his focus on being part of the rhythmic and vocal foundation of each group. As he put it, "I didn't want to be the quarterback...I enjoyed being part of line."

After a hiatus to focus on family, he returned to playing music, only this time with an emphasis on songwriting. "I kept playing with some of my former bandmates and I was finding myself writing more material that didn't exactly fit with any of the groups I was in. I didn't intend to do a solo project, but I felt like the songs had potential and needed to be explored."

Now with one solid album released and another in production, Stories Of The West continues to move forward. "I'm not looking to change my sound, but maybe broaden it. At the same time, I'll always have an emphasis on melody, harmonies and hooks. Those are the things I love in music, and so I strive  make them a part of every song."